Digital marketing that propels your business forward



Exploring market, consumer, brand and strategic context to generate insights and identify objectives for the project. The Discovery phase is where we find out more about your business, your story, and your vision. You’ll receive a digital questionnaire that tells us about all of these things, giving us a complete picture of what will make your project a success. We’ll discuss deliverables (such as your logo and brand book), as well as additional à la carte services (such as packaging, social media design, and more). The details of this phase will depend from one client to the next, depending on the type of business you run and your needs.


Making strategic decisions about what we’re developing, why we’re developing it, and who we’re developing it for. Once we understand your individual branding needs, we set targets for each portion of the project. In order to meet these milestones as planned, we require your timely participation in activities such as providing feedback and sending necessary materials.


With all the information gathered in the prior stages, we create a brand proposal. This presentation includes a logo brainstorm, as well as our suggestions for typography, color systems, and voice. We generate, refine, and gather your feedback until we’ve arrived at a brand you’re happy with, at which point we build the remainder of your chosen deliverables and brand book.


Once the brand proposal has been approved, each deliverable comes with 2 rounds of revisions. We go over your materials with a fine-tooth comb until you feel that they perfectly represent you and your business.  

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